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Above is the CD cover for The Mongoloids New Beginnings album. It was also made as a record. Below is what the CD booklet looked like folded out as well as the image under where [See it All!!]

Mongoloids Limited Edition Poster Facebook Comments

This is a poster that was limited to four colors for a more retro look. Below are other colors options I made. I am unsure which of the options were printed in addition to the one above. Maybe [See it All!!]

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Above is the full unfolded record cover image for ‘The Mongoloids – Room to Grow’ album. Below is the limited edition variant record cover image of the same. Facebook Comments

NEW WEB COMIC!!! by Matt Draghi Facebook Comments

“Strange Night” ink, colored pencil, graphite on bristol board Facebook Comments

“Dog Tongue” ink, paper, tape, marker on cardboard Facebook Comments

“Psychopathic Point of View” 5’10” x 3’6″  oil on canvas Here I was thinking about how environment and genetics form a sort of list of most likely things a person is going to do, for each [See it All!!]

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