Can a Penguin Fire a Gun?

“Can a Penguin Fire a Gun?” graphite on bristol board There are few drawings that I specifically remember conceiving as an idea before I drew them. For the above drawing I do remember when I [See it All!!]

Tattoo Design

A Tattoo Design. He wanted a lot of elements on there. It was to cover his whole leg if I remember correctly. Perhaps the kid sitting atop the tall island is imagining all the strange details [See it All!!]

Strange Night

“Strange Night” ink, colored pencil, graphite on bristol board

Dog Tongue

“Dog Tongue” ink, paper, tape, marker on cardboard

Psychopathic Point of View

“Psychopathic Point of View” 5’10” x 3’6″  oil on canvas Here I was thinking about how environment and genetics form a sort of list of most likely things a person is going to do, for each [See it All!!]

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