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Hi, I’m Matt. This is my website where I put artwork and comics I made.

As far as the non-comic artworks on this site go, most of them are surreal and were not meant by me to be symbolic of any idea that can be clearly defined by the conscious mind. In the cases where there is a more clear idea which got me to draw them that I feel like telling you about, I will do so under the image. Or I might also just rant about something loosely related.

To be honest, I hadn’t originally planned on explaining my art or typing very much on this website. I had intended for my more concrete forms of expression to exist as webcomics, being that the stories I have written are more logical and definable than what can be discerned from surreal stand alone images. But it turns out that a substantial amount of text is needed for me to be be able to have advertisements on this site, and I want money. I tell you this to assuage feelings you may have about me being arrogant or pretentious. But now that I have begun writing about the various artworks I made, I find it quite satisfying, thus confirming these feelings you may have about me, as well as my own self-absorption.

Feel free to tell me what you like, love, hate or whatever else you want in the comments of any post on this site.

Thanks for coming to my website and come back anytime!