“Caveman Encounters Alien Robot Statue Type Thing”
oil on canvas

This is a painting of a caveman encountering an alien robot statue type of thing. It is a large one, maybe 6 feet by 4 feet and once hung on the wall where my brother lived. I was at my brother’s once for a party and met a girl who was telling me how she disliked it without knowing that I painted it. I never told her I was the artist. I enjoyed talking to her as if I was another person regarding it without any bias or attachment. It was really funny.

It is hard to get this level of truth out of people. Politeness makes it rare to obtain and often shields us from honest negative criticism during our interactions. Brutal honesty is left for places like the comments section below, where anonymity removes fears of reprisal.

It’s fascinating how different we all are from one another. We all grew up in our own minds even though we grew up in the same world. We all have different brains and have all had very different experiences. And we all have friends who hate some stuff that we love or love some stuff that we hate. We can still remain friends with them in spite of this. The fact that one of the things a person hates happens to be something you made shouldn’t really make a difference.