I believe this was a T-shirt illustration I made to promote a Mongoloids album. I don’t remember if it was used.

I am glad with what my unconscious mind came up with as I drew it. Often in dreams there are people who are not acting quite right for the circumstances in which they are involved. I like that in this picture the people on the beach are calmly and curiously observing the giant humanoid creature who has emerged from the sea, instead of running for their lives with contorted panic-stricken faces.  They are like animals living on a previously isolated island who, having not before encountered humans, will come right up to them, unknowing of the danger. The sea creature’s backwards head, arms that do not follow the rules of perspective, unreasonable height for how deep we expect the water to be and the relative scale of the observers in relation to one another all add to the eeriness of the scene.

Below is another color option and further below is the original inked drawing.