“Can a Penguin Fire a Gun?”
graphite on bristol board

There are few drawings that I specifically remember conceiving as an idea before I drew them. For the above drawing I do remember when I originally visualized what preceded it as a concept. This fun fact would be pretty inconsequential if it didn’t segue into something I will find interesting to discuss in the following paragraphs. As for the above image, I am happy with the final outcome, but the forms in it are more defined and concrete looking then I had originally imagined or intended them to be.

Really, I am unsure whether it is possible to ever have the final product match the original visualization. I’ve always found the experience of  imagination to be so strange that it would almost seem contradictory if I wasn’t actually experiencing it all the time. I mean, where is that image? Is it somewhere on my visual field but just way less vivid? I am doubtful that I would be able point to where it is with my finger.  Perhaps it is in some other place or dimension of thought that we access on a separate field of vision. It is so strange that I can be actively imagining things and at the same time be so unsure of the qualities and nature of what I am doing.

There are so many indescribable things like that when you really start trying to make sense of how we perceive things. As far as visualization goes, it could be that there is no artistic medium that can fully translate that original imagined image into a physical piece of art. Maybe the only thing that can exactly resemble an imagined image is that imagined image itself. That is the real piece of art that you will never ever see and the above image is just a cheap imitation.  🙁