I drew the above shirt design in 2005 for a newly formed hardcore band named The Mongoloids. At the time I was unaware that this would lead to me making several illustrations for local hardcore and punk bands and for other projects connected to the New Jersey hardcore music scene. The majority of the work I did was for The Mongoloids from having long known Greg, the band’s lead singer.  The Mongoloids became pretty famous in hardcore music circles and have toured all over the country and overseas. This enabled me to work on many projects where I had a lot of freedom and where I could let my imagination soar for as long as they were together. There were times when I was given a specific idea to work with, as with that original shirt design above, but often I was only given some vague idea or none at all and it was very satisfying work creatively. As The Mongoloids acquired new fans, so did my artwork and for that I am grateful.

Below is a plethora of images I created for CD and record albums, T-shirts, movies, posters, postcards, websites and more! (Actually I probably covered everything there) I have a lot of work from different bands as you will see and also from non-music related projects but which were well known to people in that underground music scene. I have also included in this post images for projects that ended up getting scrapped, so they are being seen here by the public for the first time- Yay! There are others that did not come out well which I will hopefully never post and more that I liked so much that they are posted separately and individually elsewhere in the “Promotional Artwork” category on this website. As always, let me know what you think in the comments at the bottom.


devious-ghost-shirt-mongo mongoloids-fly-on-the-wall cell-monstermonsters




I always liked that The Mongoloids who were a straight edge band and so were against squirrel
consuming alcohol and drugs, still had a sense of humor and would sometimes have me draw stuff like this shirt image above. It reminds me of  when I heard about Pine Box Rock Shop, a vegan bar in Brooklyn, that has a Big Buck Hunter arcade machine in it. Never make assumptions when it comes to people enjoying things that aren’t real! Straight edge people can enjoy drug related humor and vegans can enjoy hunting video games without either being the least bit hypocritical. Games are just games and jokes are just jokes.



There are a lot of designs I made that I think never ended up getting used for anything, but honestly I am not sure if they were or not. I’m almost certain this hamburger picture was never used. This was one of the drawings where I was pretty much told what to draw, but I did add an extra joke to the image that was never asked for. In hindsight I think maybe it was too much. I wonder if that’s why it was scrapped haha










my roomie the bagel