“Caveman Encounters Alien Robot Statue Type Thing” oil on canvas This is a painting of a caveman encountering an alien robot statue type of thing. It is a large one, maybe 6 feet by 4 [See it All!!]

“You’re So Random” ink, marker, colored pencil on bristol board Facebook Comments

“Can a Penguin Fire a Gun?” graphite on bristol board There are few drawings that I specifically remember conceiving as an idea before I drew them. For the above drawing I do remember when I [See it All!!]

A Tattoo Design. He wanted a lot of elements on there. It was to cover his whole leg if I remember correctly. Perhaps the kid sitting atop the tall island is imagining all the strange details [See it All!!]

I drew the above shirt design in 2005 for a newly formed hardcore band named The Mongoloids. At the time I was unaware that this would lead to me making several illustrations for local hardcore [See it All!!]

This T-shirt was a sort of sequel to another one that sold pretty well. You can probably guess which one. It is featured on another post. Facebook Comments

I believe this was a T-shirt illustration I made to promote a Mongoloids album. I don’t remember if it was used. I am glad with what my unconscious mind came up with as I drew it. Often [See it All!!]

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